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Kitchen sink garbage disposals are a very important component of your kitchen remodel! While it may not be trendy, homeowners must have a reliable and effective kitchen sink garbage disposal in order to enjoy their overall kitchen experience.

When undertaking a kitchen remodel, most homeowners want to replace their kitchen countertops, tile and sink. So in addition to selecting new kitchen cabinets and/or cabinet refacing, homeowners will need to select a new sink, faucet and garbage disposal at the same time.

In-Sink-Erator Garbage Disposals

At Midwest Kitchens, we are big fans of the In-Sink-Erator brand of garbage disposals. Did you know that architect John W. Hammes invented the garbage disposal on behalf of In-Sink-Erator in 1927?  Mr. Hammes created the invention in Racine, Wisconsin, where the company continues to maintain its world headquarters.

In-Sink-Erator is the world’s largest manufacturer of garbage disposals and instant hot water dispensers for residential and commercial use. They have been manufacturing garbage disposals in Wisconsin since 1938. We love using products that are made in the USA!

Quiet Disposal with Evolution Series®

Imagine carrying on a normal conversation while the garbage disposal is running. According to the company, it’s possible with InSinkErator Evolution Series®, the most advanced disposals available anywhere.

In-Sink-Erator engineered all Evolution disposals with advanced technologies to help them handle more types of food waste. They also make far less noise while doing it. The Evolution Series® easily whisks away tough waste like cornhusks, bones and melon rinds.

At Midwest Kitchens, we like In-Sink-Erator because it consistently works very well and it is easy to install. This brand is also known for durability over time. So when you are planning a kitchen renovation, it is important to consider every last detail, including the kitchen sink.

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