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A few weeks ago, we teamed up with five local Kansas City influencers to participate in a recipe exchange. With the additional time we’re all spending at home, and especially in the kitchen, we took the great opportunity to spice things up and try out some new recipes.

The first part of the exchange involved us sharing a recipe with each of the five influencers to try out. To see each of those recipes, check out our blog post here. After that, each of the influencers shared a special recipe with us to try. We kept very busy in the kitchen!

We were fortunate enough that In Kansas City Magazine caught wind of our exchange and featured one of the influencers and the recipe she shared with us. Check out the wonderful write up they did featuring Lacey Spallitta and her delicious Lemony Chicken Patties recipe.

Recipe Feature:

Right now more than ever, a lot of us are feeling pressure. Pressure to be a great teacher, parent, activity coordinator, chef and employee. While the extra time with family is nice, it’s also exhausting. It’s no wonder parents are feeling burnt out, guilty and like there’s no end in sight. Midwest Kitchens in InKansasCity Magazine recipe feature can hopefully provide a little escape to test out a new dish.

Like many tough phases in life, remember that this too shall pass. This is a unique time and no one is expecting you to juggle everything and juggle it well. Take time for yourself when you can and just do your best.

This article from The Every Mom touches on the importance of seeking alone time and little, clever ways to achieve it. We’ve found that spending more time in the kitchen, both involving the kids and not, provides a great escape from the stress and pressure during this time.

Just like on an airplane when putting on an oxygen mask, you have to take care of yourself first before assisting others. We hope you’re finding time to do things just for yourself and that it continues on well after this pandemic passes! Midwest Kitchens in InKansasCity Magazine provides a great recipe if you’re needing a break from the monotony.

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